Calls are taken 7 days a week.  •  Humane animal trapping in the Genesee County and Holly Area.  •  Out of area assignments considered on a case by case basis.

Woodchucks (Goundhogs)

Woodchucks/Groundhogs: litter size 4-5 born April to May, adult length 18-26 inches, weight 4-10 lbs., burrows can be 20-25 feet long, can move 700 lbs. of soil, lifespan 1.5 – 2 years, excellent swimmers and climbers, dens have multiple holes including a secret spy-hole, moisture comes from their food, possess great eyesight and super hearing, gardens and crops are favorite targets, they create hazards for livestock and farm machinery, sink-holes, foundation damage often result. Woodchucks are gate-way species. Their dens are used by many animals. Occasionally, there are separate compartments with skunks, raccoons and woodchucks all living in the same den! Don’t wish for them to go away, call Trapper Richard C. Smith for humane, pet-safe solutions.